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Planning Transportation to Meet the Needs of an Aging Illinois: An Assessment(PDF)  


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The TRANPRO Information Management System

The Urban Transportation Center at UIC has developed the TRANPRO Information Management System to assist the Illinois Department of Transportation in implementing transportation coordination as outlined within the Illinois Human Service Transportation Plan. The TRANPRO system provides consistent comparable data at the regional planning level in order to facilitate transportation planning, coordination and mobility manqagement. The system includes a detailed statewide transportation provider inventory and geo-coded socioeconomic data at the local, regional and state levels. The system also provides program information that can assist HSTP coordinators in guiding transportation providers through the funding application process for relevant FTA programs.

The Statewide Public and Specialized Transportation Provider Inventory consists of transportation provider information compiled from the Illinois HSTP Coordinators regional inventories, and grantee data provided by IDOT and the Illinois Department on Aging. The information is organized by county, HSTP region and Regional Planning Organization. Providers can be queried by region, by name or by the funding programs that support transportation services.

The GIS portion of the web site offers an ArcIMS application showing the distribution of transportation services by service areas defined by residential eligibility against a base map of socioeconomic data that can be used to analyze the demand for and delivery of transportation services.

The About Illinois HSTP section of the web site provides background information on the HSTP process as implemented in downstate Illinois.

The Funding Program section provides basic information on FTA Human Service Transportation Programs and the Rural and Small Urban Public Transportation program, including information relevant to applicants for these programs.

The HSTP Resources pageis designed to serve the needs of Illinois's HSTP Coordinators and is available only through special user accounts. HSTP Coordinators can maintain and update their regional transportation provider information online in order for it to be included in the statewide inventory. The system also provides county-level Census data from the Demographic Census and the Economic Census. These data are available as zip files and are organized by HSTP region.