HSTP Coordinators Resource Page

This section of the website is intended to serve the needs of Illinois's HSTP Coordinators. Data have been developed and made available specifically to assist coordinators in preparing Human Service Transportation Plans.

We have made available Census 2010 county-level demographic data, along with American Community Survey data, data from the Economic Census, and Illinois population projections. We will be adding to the data collection as ACS data become available.

Census 2000 data are still offered at the county level..

We offer a list of possible Illinois transportaton provideers compiled from multiple sources (some dated) and geocoded by county, HSTP and RPC. The list is intended to identify agencies who may be providing transportation services within Illinois, but who may not be in the HSTP Provider Inventories. Individual RPC's can then target entities on the list not already in their inventories for further data collection.

We are also able to offer HSTP Coordinators the opportunity to maintain databases directly on our server. Coordinators can login and update their provider inventories directly.

Guest accounts allow data downloads, including provider data by planning region.

This section of the website can be accessed only by registered users. If you wish to access this data, contact Lise Dirks at ldirks1@uic.edu.
If you already have a user account you can login by clicking on the link at the top of this page.